Experience the relief

Let go of your burdens. Feel the pressure melt away. Stretch. Breathe. Bask in the freedom.

As you sit together with your therapist and share your story, the turmoil of your emotional storms will dissipate. The sky, the very air, will lighten.

You’ve struggled under the weight of this pressure for a long time, and finally telling it out loud – to someone who listens intently, who really understands or “gets” you – feels unbelievably good!

So does the strength of knowing you have a safe place to let go of your fears, and pain, and worry, without any judgment.

Change your perspective

Your conversations with your therapist will help you see things differently. You’ll be able to consider different thoughts and ideas. Your attitudes will shift. You’ll start to challenge the negativity in your relationships – and in your self-talk.

Your mind will calm. Your heart will heal.

Together with your counselor, you will recognize negative life patterns or cycles that contribute to distress, and you’ll develop more positive ways of interacting that meet your emotional needs.

You’ll learn how to seek and provide comfort, support, and nurturing to the people you feel closest to. You’ll learn to turn to one another for love and caring.

Rewrite your story

Through every step, your therapist will stand beside you – encourage you – support you, as you create a new and better narrative for your life.

Let’s start the next chapter today!

Why Woodlands?

Because you matter. A LOT.

Whether it’s marriage, family, or individual counseling, your relationships are important to you.

You care about yourself and the people in your life, and you want a knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate therapist you can trust.

It may surprise you to learn that most counselors who hang out their shingle as marriage counselors have had little or no training specifically with marriage challenges. Yet, these are the most important relationships in your life.

Why would you entrust the healing and well-being of your marriage or family to a generalist counselor?

In the medical field, if you have a specific problem, you turn to an experienced specialist.

You want and deserve the same attention and skills when it comes to your relationships.

Neuroscientific research has shown that your emotions play a much bigger role in your life than you may ever have
dreamed possible, even 20 years ago. In fact, if you truly want lasting change in your relationships, you need a therapist who understands the best researched practices, including emotions-focused approaches.

At Woodlands, you’ll learn to access powerful emotions – emotions you may never have recognized – emotions that may be holding you back. It all happens within a safe therapeutic relationship.

We are specialists. That’s what we do.

What’s it like to come to Woodlands?

Getting here

Though we’re located in a “business condominium” complex, in which all the buildings look alike, somebody had the clever idea to name the buildings, so you’ll find us easily!

Just look for Suite 1002 in the Caroline building.

When you enter, you’ll find a waiting area with comfy chairs and couches, a variety of magazines, and some toys for children… and playful adults!

We’ve often been asked if people live in these condominiums… well, yes and no. Some of the buildings have suites that are designated for international businesses, and, yes, sometimes people sleep and live there for a few days at a time.
Our therapy center, TWCCF, has two office rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. Your therapist will come to the sitting/waiting area to greet you.

If the door to our therapy office is open, you may come right in; but if it’s closed, please wait for your therapist to come to you.

When you enter your session, we want you to feel welcome, safe, relaxed, and completely at home. We’ve selected our artwork for its soothing qualities, and yes, the sofas are comfortable!

Preparing for your visit

Before you arrive, you can save time by completing your initial paperwork. You’ll find it on our Website under “Intake Forms.” You’ll find important information about policies and procedures, privacy, and confidentiality. Please read the information, fill out the forms, and scan/email them to your therapist at least 24 hours before your first appointment.

Your therapist will talk through that information, answer your questions, and you will sign forms where required. Then, you and your therapist will discuss your privacy and our commitment to confidentiality, and you’ll also discuss when therapists need to disclose things like abuse of children, the elderly, or the disabled.

About Us

I’m Faline Christensen. I founded The Woodlands Center for Couples and Families with a vision to bring together outstanding therapists who are passionate about close relationships – therapists who feel a strong desire to help people whose marriages or families are struggling.

We have exceptional training in marriage and family therapy. We’ve learned from some of the best professors and supervisors at schools with highly regarded programs and accreditations.

We know how to help you heal the wounds in your marriage and family.

And we share our dedication to providing excellent therapy for you.

We are specialists.

As Marriage & Family Therapists (MFT) and professional clinicians, we all “think” and do our “therapy work” systemically. What does that mean?

We pay attention.

We pay attention to connections between people, as well as the attachments that define your relationships with your loved ones. We understand attachment wounds – and the importance of healing.

We don’t judge.

We notice the changing dynamics between you and your partner as a couple and within your family. We see relationship problems as being something that both of you play a role in creating and sustaining.
We won’t judge either of you. While we may have to push at times, you will know we do it because we want you to achieve your goals!

We acknowledge.

We acknowledge that, in close relationships, what happens to one – happens to all – to some degree.

We listen to all.

We don’t take sides. We value the perspective and viewpoint of each person in the therapy room.

We respect your beliefs.

We work with people of all spiritual beliefs and with those who don’t want spirituality to be a part of therapy. We meet you where you are. We build on the resources and strengths that you bring.

In fact, we, too, have various faith beliefs. Some of us became therapists because we felt called to do this work. It is an honor for us to walk with people on their path of healing and growth.

We want to be helpful to you of course during therapy and in general. We like to serve.

We love to learn.

We attend professional workshops and advanced trainings as we strive to keep our knowledge up-to-date. We consult with each other. And this all comes back to you in the form of outstanding care!

We value excellence in all the work we do!

Life happens – to everyone.

Life can be tough. At some point, you’re going to experience a challenge – a situation (or situations) difficult to live with. Something that seems too heavy to bear.

Among us, and between us, we get it.

You’re not alone… these are just a few of “our” life experiences.


Infertility. Miscarriage. Finances. Infidelity. Divorce.


Addictions (alcohol, drugs, pornography, other) in family members. Children who were/are difficult to raise. Blending the family and fostering relationships between stepparents, children, and siblings. Fostering or adopting.


You or a loved one is dealing with issues of gender or sexual orientation.

Grief and Loss

Death or suicide of a parent, child, spouse, or other loved one.


Physical or mental, chronic or acute. Depression. Anxiety. Trauma. PTSD. Whether you’re suffering or are the primary caretaker for a loved one.

And more.

Perhaps you’re dealing with the effects of incarceration of a loved one, or living in a diverse culture, or being bilingual, or working in the military.

How Woodlands Can Help You

You’re already overwhelmed. Reaching out to a therapist may be an even bigger hurdle.

But you know you need help. Now!

It takes courage and perseverance to seek out therapy and find a good therapist who can help you with the changes you need and/or want to make in your relationship.

We respect you for that! We welcome you!

And once you reach out, from the very first contact, we’ll be here for you. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. Like today!

We’ll provide a professional and confidential source of information and support.

We view therapy as a partnership between your therapist and you, and we will work with you to accomplish your personal goals and to feel better.

We’re Here to Help You

You may be facing the most difficult challenges you’ve ever encountered. But you can count on us.

You’re not alone. Let us provide a safe haven. A strong beacon of hope.

Your storms are finally coming to an end.