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Tossed around by life without

You’re lost in a fog of self-doubt and raw emotion

You yearn for direction and purpose

You’ve been battered, betrayed by someone you love

You’re paralyzed with grief and a sense of loss

Your hope is all but gone

We offer you a beacon in the

Even when you’ve done everything you can, and nothing seems to work;

even when you despair, fearing there is no way to safety

and no one to guide you… we can help.

Discover how we can assist you
in finding:

  • Light in your desperate darkness
  • Knowledge and tools specifically tailored to your needs so you can move forward more confidently
  • Relief from others’ anger and the battles that leave you breathless
  • The power to recover from the burdens of guilt and loss
  • Hope

Imagine catching that first glimpse of light through the fog after years of darkness and pain.

Please reach out today and let us schedule a consultation to learn how we may be of assistance. Call us at (832) 323-9212.

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Meet the crew

Our group of therapists – affectionately known as “the lighthouse crew” – is here for you. It is our privilege and honor to shine a beam of hope in your life.

Working together with you, your therapist can help move you from the fog and the dark and the storms into a place of peace, warmth, and safety.

One of our skilled therapists will help you find the connection and healing that you want and need. We specialize in helping people strengthen the bonds in their close relationships and grow together into wholeness and peace.

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