Area of interests include:

  • marriage counseling
  • family therapy
  • Christian counseling
  • anxiety/ OCD & related disorders
  • sexual concerns

Mark Cochran, LMFT- Associate

Is your life not what you want it to be?

  • Are you feeling anxiety, grief, or bouts of depression?
  • Are there anger issues in your work or personal relationships?
  • Have there been unintended changes in the flow of your relationship?
  • Has your partner changed from the person you first knew?
  • Is there now a problem with infidelity, or other sexual issue?
  • Do you and your partner disagree on parenting, financial, or other issues?
  • Has communication in your relationship become broken or non-existent?
  • Do you wonder if you should even be together any more?

Know that as long as you have a desire for hope, there is hope!  You are not alone! God loves you. He cares about you and about the people you love. Though I don’t yet know you, I promise others have experienced what you are going through in your life. While there is no other just like you, I have walked with many others in similar situations as they made course corrections, along with slight and not-so-slight changes in the way they thought about and treated each other, until they held the relationship they so desired.

When your relationship hurts, you hurt. I offer you opportunity for healing, management, and resolution. Let’s work through your concerns in a caring, non-judgmental way. Let us sit down and explore your burdens. Along the way we will discover strengths within you that you may not have known you had. We will shrink the hurdles that stand in the way of you reaching your goals, and find paths that get you to where you want to be, both in your relationship and in your life.

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy is the chief therapy model I use. During your initial session, we will discuss your sphere of influence – those people in your life with whom you are closest. I will get to know more about you, and likewise, you of me. I am interested in learning your likes, desires, and even your pet peeves. You will have a clear understanding of what to expect in therapy.

When you work with a therapist that you are comfortable with–someone with whom you can be open and honest–then healing and growth will occur. When you give me a chance to earn your trust, you are really giving yourself a chance to heal.

 So, why wouldn’t I reach out for the help that you offer?

Some people are concerned about “airing-out their dirty laundry”.

  • Ours will be a human connection. We have all been through things that we are not proud of or that feel embarrassing. Let’s just get that worry out on the table. That you are considering talking to a counselor–a stranger–to make improvements in your life, tells me positive things about your character, values, and personality. In our “no judgment zone” sessions, I will give you a safe and soft place to fall in your hurts, and a firm place to stand in your healing and growth.

I don’t think I can afford therapy.

  • Sometimes in life we are positioned in such a way that we must ask ourselves, “what is my relationship worth?” It may be that you have tried to fill your relationship void with other expenditures. But at heart, you know that taking the most luxurious trips, and wining and dining like there’s no tomorrow, will not fill the emptiness left in your troubled relationship. You’ve already learned it’s a futile patchwork that is temporary at best. Perhaps there are resources you haven’t thought about yet. It may be that therapy or counseling is just what your relationship really needs and can’t afford to bypass.

I don’t have time to go through therapy.

  • Was the best time a month ago? That’s not much of an option, seeing as how it has come and gone. What about next week? As one of my couples once told me, “We may not even have a relationship to save next week!” What possible good could come of putting this off? It’s amazing how importance seems to open up time. Is your relationship worth making the time? Do you really have time to continue with the way things are?

I have helped many couples like you. I have been blessed to be a part of many couples’ growth and healing. It will be wonderful to see your relationship bloom once again; now strengthened with the necessary skills and tools that were missing before. A new hope, direction, and promise will be there that helps to secure the long-lasting, loving bond that you hadn’t experienced so strongly before.

What sets me apart from so many other therapists is that I am not a band-aid dispenser. I focus on the causes, and lasting resolutions to relationship issues, rather than chasing the symptoms. You probably already realize that, for real and lasting

change to occur, there are likely other things in your life that must change, including changes in actions and attitudes, and how you interact with the people in your life. Come. Be heard. Be understood. Be healed.

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