Area of interests include:

  • marriage counseling
  • family counseling
  • transitions for young adults
  • addictions
  • spirituality

Jesse Moller, LMSW

If you want life’s challenges to become opportunities for personal and relationship growth, you will need to go through a process of identifying strengths. I know that when a person is willing to explore possibilities for change and healing, this often leads to more meaningful, fulfilling relationships, along with an increased life satisfaction that would have seemed unbelievable before.

As a therapist and counselor I have worked in both faith­based counseling and non­profit mental health settings. I have helped married couples and individuals to strengthen their marriages, and relationships with children and other family members. As a husband, father, son, grandson, and brother, my experiences with depending on those closest to me has helped me understand the importance of strengthening our connections to others. This has become a central theme in my therapy practice.

It is within our closest relationships that needs for being loved, receiving comfort, security, and companionship are met. This may be just what you are yearning for.

Do you need help with repairing your marriage or strengthening your relationship? Even the deep emotional wounds caused by infidelity can be healed. If you have talked about separation or divorce, you have probably already thought about getting help to save your marriage. Perhaps frequent arguing or difficulty in talking to your partner has led to distance between you, rather than the closeness experience you want in your relationship. I can assure you that you can work through even the most difficult challenges within your relationship, and create a richer, more enjoyable connection between you than you ever thought possible.

Maybe you are challenged by anxiety or depression, or you need help overcoming an addiction. You can count on me to work closely with you, to help identify your thoughts and feelings, as well as past experiences, that contribute to patterns of coping. Those patterns are attempting to take care of you, but they may not be working very well. I’ll help you create new patterns that work!

I have helped couples save their relationships. I have also helped individuals recover from depression, anxiety, and addictions. I have provided counseling to youth in transitions, either individually or with their family. In my goal to illuminate opportunities for healing, growth and success, I use a variety of models and tools to tailor sessions to your specific needs and strengths, including: stress management techniques, strategies for improved communication, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and symptoms management techniques.

You probably feel the need to have someone to talk to. We all need this. I have met with a counselor at various points in my own life. Counseling, either for individuals or couples, can be an important and powerful force for change and support in your life! I will enjoy working together with you toward helping you achieve healing in your relationships, recover from life’s pitfalls, and develop greater happiness, security, and fulfillment in your life. I look forward to talking with you. -Jesse

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